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  11     Homo antecessor   em inglês   recursos on-line                       
        A Hominid from the Lower Pleistocene of Atapuerca, Spain.                
  12     Human Evolution   em inglês   recursos on-line   bom de navegar                   
        UCSB online 3D gallery of modern primate relatives and fossil ancestors of humans. This gallery contains five modern primate crania, and five fossil crania. The crania can be rotated 360 degrees. Each cranium is accompanied by a short description of its relevance to human evolution, and a site map.                
  13     Neanderthals and Modern Humans    em inglês   recursos on-line   bom de navegar                   
        Neanderthals and Modern Humans -- A Regional Guide! Here you will find up-to-date information on the prehistoric people of Eurasia known as Neanderthals, and on the early modern humans who succeeded them.                
  14     PALEOMAP Project   em inglês   recursos on-line   bom de navegar                   
        The goal of the PALEOMAP Project is to illustrate the plate tectonic development of the ocean basins and continents, as well as the changing distribution of land and sea during the past 1100 million years.                


    PaleoNet   em inglês   recursos on-line   bom de navegar                   
        PaleoNet is a system of listservers, www pages, and ftp sites designed to enhance electronic communication among paleontologists. While primarily designed as a resource for paleontological professionals and graduate students, PaleoNet welcomes input and participation from all persons interested in the study of ancient life.                


    Quaternary Environments Network   em inglês   recursos on-line                       
        Review and Atlas of Paleovegetation - Preliminary land ecosystem maps of the world since the Last Glacial Maximum.                


    Sterkfontein Caves   em inglês   recursos on-line   bom de navegar                   
        The Sterkfontein fossil site lies near the summit of a low hill to the right (or south) of the Bloubank River valley, some 9,5 km north-west of Krugersdorp in Gauteng. The Cave is situated approximately 30 kilometers North-West of our school and 50 kilometers from Johannesburg.                


    The Dinosauricon   em inglês   recursos on-line                       
        O mundo dos dinosauros.                
  19     Willo, the Dinosaur with a Heart    em inglês   recursos on-line                       
        This website is a project of the Center for the Exploration of the Dinosaurian World, now being planned as a collaborative research venture by the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and North Carolina State University                

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